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14 Jun

Wow!  Here I am, June 13th, 2012.  I have been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for a couple of weeks now.  Currently, I am trying to maximize my presence in a job market that is very difficult.  I am an educator, I finished student teaching may 23, 2012.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences on May 5, 2012.  What a journey going back to school was.  The healing and learning I experienced was unbelievable.  I am highly qualified to teach social studies, mandated by the “No Child Left Behind Act.”  My experience showed me that teaching is a fine balance between being highly qualified (knowing your content) and connecting with the kids, so an amount of trust is gained, and learning can be strengthened.  Preparation is the key, I had to learn that the hard way, early on in student teaching.  The growth that occurred for me in the area of preparation was truly evident in the classroom on a day to day basis.

I have been on 4 interviews, my experience was different in each one.  It felt like I was searching for the magic word to say that aligned with the schools philosophy.  I think I will continue to search if this is the approach I take.  Topics like assessment, being part of the community, charting growth, IB programs, technology have all been part of the questions.  I can speak intelligently on all of those topics.  To date, there has been something missing during the interview.  That is why I started this blog, so that I can convey my knowledge and expertise of the industry, and humanize myself so that I have another dimension to present to employers.