Becoming: From the Inside Out

23 May


I have asked this question; often, over the last 13 years.  Why do I uncover the behaviors, hurts, insecurities, and fears that hold me back? Is this journey of self discovery and self creation an exercise in futility? There are times when I just want to forget the call on my life to examine how fear and insecurity keep me from showing up as the dignified individual I was created to be so I can be a ‘Light in the world” as Jesus speaks of in His Sermon on the Mount.    I just want to forget that a message was placed on my heart to share how the valleys of life have brought me to a satisfaction that surpasses temporal understanding.  Becoming integrated in your mind, body, and soul is a volatile and vaporous adventure that hurts like hell and can be as elusive as finding purpose when you don’t know your why.

So…why do I keep going with this inquiry, inspection, investigation? Because I hear too often, “There is no need to harm anyone”, “Everything is great”, “I am fine”, “Can’t we all get along?” Men, do you detect a pasivity in these statements? If so, you may have taken the first step in Becoming: From the Inside Out. If you desire to create a satisfaction in your life that surpasses your temporal understanding; if you have an appetite for creating substance in how you relate to people, places, and things; the concept of Becoming from the Inside out may be appealing to you.  This is why I keep Becoming from the Inside Out, because,  I cannot claim ignorance anymore to the substance and satisfaction that is available to all of us.  I cannot claim ignorance to my gaps and behaviors that do not recognize everyone that I come in contact with authenticity; I cannot claim ignorance to the lack of a mental, emotional, and spiritual anchor that plagues men today.  I refuse to not “stand for something, lest I fall for anything” as the authoratative civil rights activist Malcolm X once proclaimed.

In the immortal words of Elwood Blues from the Blues Brothers, “We are on a mission from God”, whether it is a higher calling, a burning desire to show up for your life in a different way, it starts from the inside out.  My greatest hope comes from internalizing the fact that I am becoming ingtegrated from the inside out in a messy, yet, actualized way that is phenomenal.

Men, if you want to take a first step in examing your insides; an easy way to do it is; to take 5 minutes at the end of your day and reflect on all of your interactions duirng the day and ask yourself; How did I “affect” those around me today? What “effect” did the day have on me?

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