The Mission Statement

29 May

For weeks now; I have been telling people about the project, The Oak Tree. And, I have explained in many different phrases and terms, what it means to be an Oak Tree and a Source.

None of it was ever clear and concise. I have taken some time to zero in on the mission statement for the project…I think I hear a drum roll somewhere: The mission statement of the Oak Tree.

“To be a Source of life giving encouragement, love, and strength, which leads to an undeniable substance in the way we live and act that leads to a purpose led satisfaction that is rooted deep in one’s heart; like an Oak Tree coming to full growth.

There it is! Clear, coherent and concise. The principles included in the statement above are part of the evolution and growth that continues to occur inside of me and come to fruition outside of me and around me.

Do you ever feel a sense of satisfaction when you encourage someone in a way that hits their heart? That shows them you know them?

Do you ever feel a purpose led satisfaction when you have endured a difficult season in your life and grown closer or more aware of who you are becoming?

Have you ever been a source of strength and emotional stability for someone? Or strengthened yourself through a valley and come out on a mountain top?

These types of events and stories give life! They inspire those around us to act and see themselves differently, while strengthening the life giver with substance and purpose.

This humbling mission fires me up and gives me life.

As a life long shameful pride performer who took life away from himself; at every turn, to garner sympathy, and avoid showing up just as he was; I need to pour life into this thirsty spirit.

As I pour life in; the life that comes out is a Tree trunk filled with substance and sturdiness that gives purpose.

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